November 10, 2012

How Did I End Up with Such a Picky Eater?!

I wrote a post awhile back about things I thought about parenting before I was one.  I even wrote a post about my good little eaters.  Well I still have one good little eater, but Ben has become such a picky little eater.  For lunch today he at 4 blueberries, that is it!  I am not a fan of this phase.

Before I had kids I would see kids who would only eat chicken nuggets and would think to myself, you just need to offer other food and they will eat it.  I was pretty harsh.  Just give your child what you are eating.... eventually he will he when he's hungry.  While I still believe this on some level it really is more complicated than that.

I did my own version of baby led weaning, they got some baby food when we need it for convenience, but they have been eating table food since they were 7 months and nothing else since they were about 9 months.  Ben used to eat EVERYTHING veggies and fruit and would gobble up whatever we put in front of him.  Penny still does for the most part, she has a few foods she doesn't like, but don't we all?  Ben on the other hand will only eat a handful of food.  He will eat most fruit and cheese, hot dogs, mac and cheese and everything else is touch and go.  And he doesn't get hot dogs and mac and cheese much.  For dinner they always eat what we eat and lunch is a little more "kid's food."

So we started young.  We have offered a wide variety of food. We don't make him special meals.  And we keep offering healthy choices. And don't let them snack all day. This was all I though you needed to do.  Clearly once again I had no idea.  Hopefully Ben will eat again soon.

Here is how lunch went.  We had pizza quesadilla, pears and blueberries, and carrots.  All things he has eaten in the past.

He already ate his blueberries.
Penny ate most of and and with the look on her face, I think she like it.
This is all Ben ate.  I'm sorry Ben there is nothing else under there.

So hopefully Ben will learn that toddlers can not survive on Animal Crackers alone.... because I think that is what he is angling for. 

Got any tips to get more food into my little guy?  I would love to hear them!



  1. So hard when they go through a stage like this! I did the same keep offering it and not making too much fuss....they do come through it! Mine all came out the other side eventually....well done! Xx

  2. That must be frustrating. You know they have to eat, but they don't want to try anything that is good for them or have any variety in their diet. Ugh!

  3. My daughter is in a stage where she would eat cheese of any kind all day long if I would let her. So, I obviously have no advice. I'm hoping this stage will pass quickly if I keep offering her other foods.

  4. I feel ya mama! My daughter is 13 months and she's in that stage of picky-ness. I really hope it's a stage and she doesn't take after my hubby who is SUPER picky, still to this day. She's a little better than she was a month ago, but sometimes I feel like all I'm feeding her is yogurt and cheerios. I do still nurse her, and I know she'll eat when she's hungry, but I still feel like she's not getting enough. My pediatrician told me to just give her anything that she will eat {healthy limits, of course} and she's doing better now that she can eat most of the things that we eat. But still, it's hard! I wish I could have some better advice for you, but at least you know you're not alone :) Good luck!

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  5. My kids (thankfully) have not ended up too picky, but I have noticed that blue and red foods are favorites (ie. blueberries strawberries, cherry tomatoes). If it's white or yellow, it stays on the plate a little longer. I try my hardest to focus on color, but there are days when PB&J are all that will be eaten (hey, it's protein, fruit, and grains, right?). I think it's just a phase that toddlers go through. They also love consistency, and it probably carries over to their diet (too much change/variety=anxiety). Offer it, but don't push it. I've heard that a toddler could live off of about a tablespoon (per year of age) per day and be perfectly fine.

    Hope meal times get easier soon!

  6. Aww man. Picky eating is not fun to deal with. I am doing baby led weaning with Violet. I think you are doing the best thing, offering him a variety of choices and he will eat what he eats,

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  8. Reagan used to eat absolutely everything and now all the sudden she has an opinion on what she does and doesn't like!
    It's so annoying!

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  9. Visiting you through MMM...

    Your children are adorable!


  10. My daughter went through a picky stage. She's still picky but has really improved. My best advice is don't make it into a power struggle. I will not buy any snacks because if I do, I know that is all she'll eat. I don't even let them in the house. I'll keep offering foods and she'll eventually try new things. If she doesn't eat, I'll put it away and offer it again in a half an hour. But there's no pressure for her to eat, that never ends well. Even bribing with desert does not work, it's just a form of power struggle. I don't get frustrated anymore because it's just not worth it. Also, I don't let her fill up on juice or milk before a meal, she only gets water with or right before a meal. Oh and one more tip. A lot of kids love dip! I'll give my daughter hummus, ranch dressing, ketchup, or mayo to dip her foods in and that makes her eat a lot more. Sounds gross but hey, whatever works. :)

  11. It could be a phase, hopefully. My daughter who is a good eater can be super picky at times and other time she eats whatever. Good luck.

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  12. I have always been a picky eater. It wasn't until I graduated high school that I branched out. Even today, though, I'm pickier than most people. Your blog and kids are so cute. I may recommend your blog to my cousin. She's due with twins - a boy and a girl.

  13. I understand completely!! Me and another blogger actually teamed up here a while back and did a link up called "More Peas, Please!"..focusing on what our toddlers will/wont eat..and trying to deal with the battles we face when it comes to meal times!!! Its a struggle..but don't give up hope!!

  14. Evie goes through these phases too. I just say keep offering he will get back to normal!

  15. I may need some help with the baby led weaning. My girl eats EVERYTHING, yes everything, but when we are at the table she ALWAYS wants to eat with us. No matter what she wants to eat when we eat. Is this a sign that maybe I should do baby led weaning instead of purees? Help!

    The Mrs
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  16. Always offer the veggies first! When they are hungry they will eat them! Also, I make green smoothies for my boys... to sneak in greens, Kale, chard, etc. since they can't really eat leafy veggies yet. I am, however, blessed with GREAT eaters (knock on wood!)


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