November 2, 2012

Go Raid Reagan's Closet!

I come to you once again with one of my fabulous sponsors!  Today I bring to you Lanaya from Raising Reagan.  She has a great blog about raising her adorable little daughter and she also has a great online store with amazing toys!  I have really enjoyed getting to know her more over the past few weeks.

Her posts are really fun to read!  I love her dammit! post.  We have all been there, sometimes our kids remind us that there eyes and ears are always on.  It is really funny!  Definitely a good read!

I also really enjoyed this post about whip cream mustaches.  Such a cute pic of her little girl and a great read!  We can all relate to when a toddler commandeers something.

And of course Boo at the Zoo,  I mean who doesn't love a cute Halloween costume!

Raising Reagan is also part of a great link up!  I love this link up, it is becoming one of my favorites.  Make sure you come and link up on Sunday!


But my favorite thing about Raising Reagan has been Reagan's Closet.  If you know anything about me you know I love high quality toys.  Toys that foster learning, toys that encourage imagination, toys that last and grow with the child.  So many of the toys you can buy at the store are garbage that will break and do nothing to help foster your child's imagination.  So you should definitely check out her store!
27 Piece Cookware Set by KidKraft
Cook set

Name Puzzle Chain
Puzzle Name Chain
There are items that are definitely on my twins Christmas list!

So definitely go check out Reagan's Closet!

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For the month of November you can get 2 months for the price of 1.



  1. Great feature Mary ~ Thank you!

    Look forward to seeing you at Sunday's Raising Imperfection Link Up!



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