November 19, 2012

My Thoughts on Birth Order

So last week I talked about my thoughts on gender roles, but another interesting thing about having twins is birth order.  We all know the theories of the put upon middle child, the leader oldest, and the eternal baby of the family.  So what will happen with twins?

I mean if we are going to get technical Penny is the oldest by 1 minute.  I had a c-section with them, so really it was just a minute before they Ben entered this world.  Although I have heard that Penny will be able to hold the fact that she is the oldest over Ben's head as a rite of twin passage.  And if we are being honest Penny is already in charge of the whole house.  Will and I do plan on having more babies, so where does that put them?  Do I have two oldest children?  Or will I have 1 oldest with a bunch of middle?  Or will they make up their own order and rank of personalities?

Until then I guess they will just take turns wreaking general havoc.

I guess only time will tell how it all pans out.  What is your take on birth order?  Do you think it makes any difference?


  1. I'd never thought about twins being the two oldest and then more younger siblings. I only have one so far, so we will have to see how the birth order/personality works out later!

  2. I don't know how I feel about birth order. I am the oldest and I have certain traits that follow along with that but honestly I think that is just who I am, very much like my mom who wasn't the oldest. I am amazing this internal struggle with having more kids, I want more but it took us three years to have Violet and I don't know if I want that heartache is hard to think and decide about.

  3. My brother and sister are twins, and personality wise, I agree, it's not a typical situation. My sister is actually an hour older than my brother, her twin. And she does hold it over his head. But in that relationship, he ends up being more of the "oldest" personality wise.

    Either way, its amazing the bond they still have 26ish years later.

  4. My Bro and I are very very typical for our birth order. I don't know how having a twin affects it, but I bet their are loads of studies out there!


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