November 28, 2012

Christmas Toddler Activity 3: Watching the Grinch

Here we are with the 3rd installment of my Christmas Series.  This one is a family tradition we are starting this year.  The day we put up the the tree and all the decorations, we eat a cozy dinner and settle in for How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Ben and Penny are still a little young to sit down and watch a whole movie, but the Grinch is short and colorful and has great music, so I though we would give it a go.  They watched some of it and played through some of it, but they definitely appreciated the musical Who's and Penny often Barked at Max the dog.  So I think this will be a great tradition to carry on through out the years.  A classic movie that definitely brings in the holiday cheer!

Watching the Movie cuddled up with Daddy



  1. I love The Grinch! I think these toddler activities are a great idea! I recommended your blog to my cousin. She just gave birth to twins (boy & girl). At this point, they're still in the hospital. I'm sure it's great to get advice and tips when you have twins.


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