November 24, 2012

Why I am not such a fan of Black Friday

Every Saturday after Black Friday you get to wake up and watch the new of people acting like crazy people.  This year people were literally biting and clawing to get the deals.  I heard about fist fights over parking spaces.  This is after the day we are supposed to be thankful for what we have, so we spend it fighting for things we want.  Where is the holiday spirit in all of this?

I am not saying people should not go out and shop and have a fun tradition.  That's great!  I don't like it, but I hate shopping on days when the store isn't crowded.  So toss in a big crowd and shopping.... not my thing.  I get that it is for some people and I think that is great.  Lots of fun family traditions include Black Friday shopping and I that can be special.

What I don't like or understand is the people who camp out for days.  Seriously?  Is the cheap flat screen TV really more important than a holiday with your family?  I am also clearly not a fan of those people who go crazy and run and claw and have no respect for those around them.  But the biggest bone I have to pick this year is that stores are opening on Thanksgiving.  We should all be home with our families being thankful for the blessed life most of us lead, not out shopping for new stuff.  Also I think about those poor people who have to work at the stores who would much rather be home with their families.  I've had jobs in the past where I have had to work holidays and it is not fun.  So we are making entire superstores have most of their employees on hand so people can save on laptops and ipods.  It just isn't what the holidays are about.  The message of thankfulness and joy are gone and replaced by intense consumerism.

Like I said, Black Friday traditions are great, but let's keep them on Friday!  And let's remember to act with class and respect people!



  1. I'm always so shocked seeing the running and pushing on the news because it's never like that here. Sure, some people are complaining, but I chalk it up to being sleep deprived. I love going shopping and it doesn't hurt that we always start or end with IHOP :) I figure I'll keep going until it stops being fun, so I don't blame you for not going if it's not fun.

  2. Amen! Wonderful post. It amazes me how people can behave....

  3. I couldn't have said it better myself!

  4. Well said, the behaviour of some is absolutely disgusting at times. It boggles my mind when people prioritize 'things' over people.

    Mystika Faith (

  5. Well-said, Mary! I was totally surprised at how many cars there were at Marketplace on Black Friday, I expected it to be much more empty. Anyway, we experienced a bit of this clawing and biting for parking spaces. We were getting our babes loaded in, and a carful of older ladies stopped and put on their signal, waiting for our space. I laughed and said to DH, "Clearly, they failed to see the four children that need buckling in!" After a few minutes, the driver screeched off, giving us a dirty look. SMH!


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