February 28, 2012

Visiting Peoria

Last week we went to stay the week with grandma Kathy. I'm not sure who enjoys it more, me or the twins. They get the pleasure of grandma who is gaga over them. Plus all the kids my mom watches in her daycare play with them and keep them very entertained. I get the pleasure of help for a week!! With twins help is always appreciated! We get lots of visitors. Nana, who is my grandmother, almost always stops by for a while. Also this week I got to see some of the kids I used to watch. Emily is old enough now she is a big help with them.
But my favorite part is Friday. I get to go home and my mom watched the babies for the weekend. This is a much needed break for me. One night Will and I went out for sushi. The other night we just stayed in and watched movies and drank a bottle of wine. He works so much that I love getting to spend time with him. It is so rare for us to have nothing to do but spend sometime together with out the threat of waking someone or Will grading papers. It is great just to relax.
So hear are some pictures from all of that.

February 23, 2012

Visitors and New food

Last Friday grandpa Dave came to visit for the night. We love to have people come and visit. Penny and Ben love new people, sometimes I guess the just get tired of boring old mom. They were so smiley for grandpa. We also tried some new foods. We got cracker barrel and they got to eat some green beans, mashed potatoes, and baked apples. They were in heaven as you can see. They got a bath right afterwards. They are so much fun right now. More to come soon!

February 15, 2012

First Valentine's Day

Today we celebrated our first Valentine's Day as a family. During the day I took the babies to a party with the mommy meet up group I have joined. It was really fun to watch all the kids playing. Although Penny and Ben don't join in on the playing quite yet they love watching everyone. Now that they have gotten a little bigger they love going new places.
When Will came home we made heart shaped pancakes for dinner. The babies are exploring solid food and they love pancakes!! Ben still wants you to feed him but he is getting there. Penny on the other hand just shovels it in! They are so much fun to watch. Altogether it was a great day!

February 11, 2012

New year. New blog.

Blogging is something I have been meaning to do, but with twins so many things fall by the way side. Between diapers and feedings and rocking my day gets swallowed up sometimes. I've decided I am going to make a conscious effort to keep this blog so friends and family near and far can watch our young family grow. With Will and me and twin babies, It promises to be a crazy ride!
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