November 8, 2012

The Bad and The Ugly

I made a promise awhile back to always be honest and blog about the good the bad and the ugly.  Usually I write about the good because for the most part the babies are good and I really enjoy being home with them.  Although we all have our moments.  So here we go....

The bad and the ugly....

Lately here the babies have been testing boundaries.  Boundaries they haven't tested in months.  They have grown taller, so they are now able to pull things off of the table.  I am running out of places to put things that they can't have.  They also have figure out how to push chairs and laundry baskets to reach just about anything that want.  I am at the end of my rope!  I can not pee with out them doing something they are not supposed to, let alone fix a meal.  Desk drawers have been empties, dvd racks have been emptied., even diaper pails have been emptied.... umm GROSS!  There has been biting, scratching, hitting, sitting on each others heads.  I thought I had this place baby proofed, but geez!  I am trying to discipline with time out, but I'm not sure they get it, I'm also not sure if they get it but they know their blank stare and tears makes me second guess myself.  There is also when I am dealing with one in time out the other has climbed up on the toy box and it playing with the tv.  I am pulling my hair out!

This morning I had my laptop by the side of the couch under the side table, where it is 95 percent of the time.  A table the babies can not reach.  My coffee was sitting on said table that the babies can not reach.  Well this morning they reached it... and poured coffee all over the basket of clean diapers... and my lap top.  Luckily it was just on the top so nothing important even got wet, but I thought I was going to lose my mind.  Will got to work to find a sippy cup of milk had been dumped in his bag and his laptop was sitting in milk.  (which is only 2 days old since his old laptop crapped out and he JUST got a new one.)  Luckily everything worked for him.  I'm just saying.... these babies are really testing me and right now I am barely passing.

So if any of you out there wanna pull your hair out today, I am right there with you!  I lost it a bit this morning, but after that happened I was able to get myself in a much better head space to deal with what ever else the babies have to throw at me today.

So there ya have it... not always sunshine and giggle in this journey of motherhood.



  1. I have certainly had those days!

  2. My twins are only 10 1/2 months and I have those days! I cant imagine when they r getting into everything!! Many times I have called my Hubby in tears bc I feel like I am losing my mind!

  3. Wow! I'm glad his laptop was okay!

    I'm right there with you, just in a different stage and just one.

  4. My daughter destroyed so much in that age, I can't imagine having two of her! It's nice when they get to the age where the concept of time outs finally clicks in their head, lol.

  5. I feel for you, Mary. My baby's about the same age, and she's into everything too. She can reach my coffee on the TV tables where I generally keep it in the mornings. In my situation, with only 1 kid, she's not sitting on any heads (please forgive my urge to giggle about that one) but one year-olds certainly are a handful. If you've got any great new discipline tricks, I'd be happy to hear them. My little girl is still at the "laugh-when-mommy-says-no" stage.


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