November 21, 2012

10 Ways to Put a Smile on a Cranky Toddler Face

I am a stay at home mom to twins toddlers.  Most days I have happy babies, but there are some days I don't.  I always try new things to help get their moods turned back around.  Here are some go to methods to turning around a bad day.

1. Do an Activity
This is my go to when days are long and cranky.  I have couple things around the house for activities or crafts.  When we get these out it usually helps to turn them around.  You can find more ideas HERE under toddler activities.

2. Bubbles
 Ben and Penny love bubbles!  They squeal and chase them.  It's an easy way to get an improved mood.

3. Balloons
Super easy!  They get so excited when I start blowing them up.  This was Penny mid tantrum, she stopped crying when I blew it up.  Viola!  No more tears!  I love Balloons!

4. Sing Songs
The bubble song and the itsy bisty spider are staples.  They are good distractions and usually get smiles.

5.Reserve Presents
This table looks familiar I'm sure.  They get so many presents for Christmas and for their Birthdays.  I usually give them a good chunk of them on special days and when they aren't looking put some in the closet.  I pull these out for a special treat.  This helps replace the grumps with some grins.

6. Change of Scenery
Sometimes just going on a walk or even just changing the room we are in can make a difference.  They get bored and want a new view.

7. Snacks
A fun messy snack is always fun.  Who wouldn't smile while smearing yogurt all over?

8. Let them Chill
Sometimes nothing works.  They are just crying and fussing and nothing makes them happy.  Then I try laying them down for a bit in a dark nursery with a sippy cup.  They don't usually fall asleep, but that little break and chill time is all they needed.  I can totally relate to that.

9. Dance Party
In this house... we shake our booties.  We will listen to anything and dance.  Our personal favorites are Disney Dance Parties and Raffi Dance Parties, but they will dance to anything.  We love it!

10. Look at Pictures
We have some books of pictures we will take down and look at.  They love to look at their pictures of their grandparents and aunts and uncles and their cousin.  Especially their cousin, they love babies.

What do you do to turn those frowns upside down?



  1. Oh my gosh soooo cute!! New follower. Excited to read more :)


  2. Your twins are so cute! I have 11 month old twin girls and am looking forward to being able to do crafts and stuff with them! :)


  3. These are all great ideas, I am going to keep these in mind for Violet. Awesome post!

  4. These are all fab ideas and definitely my go to's as well! I don't necessarily reserve gifts, but I do rotate toys, which I find helps turn a bored toddler into a "oh hey, this stuff looks new! Let's check it out" toddler. If all else fails, GO OUTSIDE :)

  5. Currently "Gangnam Style" will stop almost any fussing. Quinn LOVES dancing to it.

  6. OH my gosh, I think they're so cute.

    My youngest is 5 and that's an easy age to distract/re-direct because he's interested in everything right now. :)

    Visiting you from the Weekend Blog Walk.

  7. I still love this post, great ideas!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Raising Imperfection!

  8. Balloons are a must! Every once in a while we blow up ten of them or so and just let Reagan go nuts!
    They are great :)

    Thank you for linking your favorite post to Raising Imperfection. Please come back Friday to see if you were featured.


  9. Visiting your from Jelli's MMM. Great list, I have definitely tried most of these with my 2 year old :-)

  10. This is good to remember for the future! Such cute photos!

  11. Great ideas, I will definitely have to try the reserving presents thing! When mine is getting cranky, I usually put on some music or go outside. :)

  12. That is a great 'go-to' list. The pictures to go with it are really cute.

  13. I love the idea of giving the kids a messy snack. It really is a lot of fun for them and will turn a frown upside down in no time

  14. Love the idea of saving presents. That had never occurred to me, but it's brilliant.


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