November 27, 2012

Christmas Toddler Activity 2: Nativity Play Time

Continuing my Christmas Toddler Activity Series I am bringing you my second activity.  When planning activities it doesn't have to be complex and fancy for toddler to be amazed by it.  This activity was super simple.

Christmas Toddler Activity 2: Playing with the Nativity

We have the cutest Fisher-Price Nativity set.  I love it!  I remember playing with the nativity set when I was little at my grandmas house, so I knew I wanted a kid friend nativity for them to play with and learn about.

We talked about Baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph.  They may not have understood the story, but they definitely like playing with Baby Jesus.  It was fun to see them play with the nativity.  I have so many fond memories of playing with the one at my grandma's house.  If you are looking for a kids friendly nativity set this Fisher-Price one is great!  I can't wait to see where else the holidays take up!

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  1. Destructo just got this nativity set yesterday in the mail from a friend. I can't wait until this weekend when I am home and can read him the Christmas story while using the Little People as props.

  2. I bought a Little People nativity on Black Friday and Jesus keeps winding up under the tv stand.

  3. I think that nativity scene is so adorable, great activity!

  4. I so need one of these. Evie is obsessed with my breakable one!

  5. I've been wanted to get this for a few years now, but keep thinking of other things we need to buy more. I think I'm going to take the plunge. I love seeing the kids play with it!

    Lindsey @


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