June 25, 2012

Yum Yum!

One thing I have been blessed with with Ben and Penny is that they are such good eaters.  It was a rough start for Ben.  Being born 5 and 1/2 weeks early Ben's sucking reflex wasn't as good as it could have been. He was dropping weight and when you only weigh 5.5 pounds that's scary!  He got under 5 pounds for a minute there and we had to so closely monitor his intake and how long he would eat and keep him awake.  It was no fun, but now I have two babes who will try anything you put in front of them.  And really, for the most part they will eat just about anything.

I tried baby food for about a month, but they never really liked it.   So from a very young age they have been eating regular food.  I would say since about 8 months there has been no baby food.  People are often surprised by this, but it has just worked for us.  We would struggle to get them to eat baby food, but when we would put small bites of banana on their tray they would gobble it down.  So we just decided to cut out baby food.  It had many many messes, but babies clean up easy! :)

Some of their favorite foods now are blueberries, green beans, bananas, cheese, peaches, yogurt, pasta, meatballs, and they both love sloppy joes.  It's nice that for the most part we are able to eat as a family and eat the same meal.  Sometimes I have to switch protiens for the babies if they can't eat what we are, or I might have to steam our vegetables more that I would for just Will and I, but it's worth it.

Now if I can just teach Penny to stop throwing her food on the ground when she's done...

Penny feeding herself for the first time. Sweet Potatoes

Ben eating breakfast. Eggs, black beans, cheese and tortilla

Yum Spaghetti!!

Baby size take on Easter dinner.

One of our current favorite lunches, chicken and cheese quesadilla, steamed carrots and grapes cut in half.


  1. Love this post! True solids are do much easier than purees, in my opinion. We did baby led weaning with our daughter, So she's been eating our food since 6 months. Never had purees. I love it!if we have more kids we'll do the same thing:) oh, and if you figure out how to get the to stop putting food on the floor, let me now! We're still working on it.

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  2. I love this phase! They definitely look like they are good eaters! Saying hi from the mom hop! New follower!

  3. That's really good that they both love trying new foods. I'm blessed that both my kids so far are the same way. My daughter is now 4 and she is crazy about veggies--especially broccoli! My 16 month old loves to try the veggies and foods we eat. This makes things a whole lot easier for us.

  4. you are fortunate to have happy eaters!! hopeful they will continue these eating habits all their lives! My kids were all given a wide variety of foods since they stopped nursing...now they try anything I put in front in them...their friends come and see the purple veggies, green veggie and take one look and say, no thank you!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Very cute and very messy! Exotic breakfast. We just have boring old cereal!


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