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You can contact me by email.

Also I am now accepting sponsors.  My following on all sights is growing everyday.  I have over 250 GFC faithful followers, and my facebook and twitter followers are growing everyday!  Let me introduce you to my readers.

In the smaller ads I will tweet and give facebook shout outs about your blog.  If you have a  giveaway or something you would like me to get out there just let me know.  You will also be in the monthly sponsors post.

The larger ads get that same stuff, plus a little bit more special attention.  You will get a highlights post.  I will go through your blog and find some of my favorite post and get it out there for me readers, like this one for Happy Homemaker Me.  I will get the word out about your blog thru all social media.  Also you will get the chance to write a guest post if you would like.  I will also pin some of my favorites.  I want to work for you and do what you need me to do to help your blog grow!

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