December 4, 2012

Toddler Christmas Activity 6: Stacking Christmas Trees

Welcome to the 6th activity your toddler will love to do and fill you with holiday cheer!

Stacking Christmas Trees

One this I love is upcycling.  I love taking things that I would just throw away or recycle and finding a new use for them, even better when they become a fun learning experience for the babies.

Basically I took 2 empty egg cartons and painted them.

Then I cut them out.

And them I let the babies play with them.  I showed them how to stack them and encouraged them to try.

Nana visiting today to play with us!

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1 comment:

  1. Let's try this again!

    This is perfect! Evie loves to stack things!

    PS I've got a CD giveaway going on now in case you are interested!


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