September 24, 2012

High quality toys from a great website!

Before I had kids I was a preschool teacher.  I was head teacher for a classroom full of 16 two year olds.  I tell ya, nothing keeps you quite that busy.  I love that job!  I came home everyday with hilarious new things they had said that day.

One of the things that I miss about that job was the toys we had.  It seems whenever I go shopping for toys I always find junk toys.  Junk plastic toys that make noise and require batteries, but do not require much thought or imagination.  That's why I am always excited when I find new websites like Ultra Quirky Tot.  This website has some great toys that reminds me of things the kids used to play with when I was a teacher.

The have great manipulatives, which are great for fine motor and problem solving skills.  This was one of my favorites

They also have great blocks.  Blocks are such a versatile toy and must have for any kid.

City Blocks

This website really had some great toys that were just like the toys we used to teach with when I was a preschool teachers.  I will definitely be using this website when Christmas rolls around to stock Ben and Penny up on some nice learning toys that they will grow with instead of the junk toys that will out grow and break with in a month.

So check it out!  They also have tons of cute clothes and all kinds of stuff for little ones!
Ultra Quirky Tot
They are offering my readers a 5% discount!  Here's the code to enter VWT120921015436



  1. Great site---thanks for sharing!


  2. What a great resource- I totally agree with you, that most toys are cheap and end up breaking! I love wooden toys- thanks for posting.


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