September 30, 2012

Books Books Books!

I have always had a love for reading.  It has been something that I have gotten so much joy from ever since I was little. We have so many board books and I would have to say they are their go to toy.

Will reading to Penny even after he had just gotten hit by a car.
We have been reading to them since the day they came home from the hospital.  I think the first night we read I'll Love You Forever and Where the Wilds Things Are.  They are huge fans of Dr Suess.

They will spend hours looking at their books.  When they were younger they really liked the texture books.  They would pet the puppy and feel the rough straw in their books. 

Now they are a little older and they are enjoying the learning books.  They love counting books and help mommy count by pointing to things.  They also like the rhyming book.  Penny has learned to point to her hair and nose from a bubble book we have.  They also like the word books that have a picture of an everyday object and what it is.  They can point to an item.  Like if you say, "Where is the banana?"  They will point to it.  It is really neat to watch them learn and figure things out.  I love the time I get to spend with them.

I have always loved books, so this is one of my love I am so happy I have been able to pass down.  I hope this is the start of a lifetime love of books.



  1. I love that your little ones are so into books already! It took Kale awhile to appreciate the pages of a good book, but now he's an official lover :)

  2. I am a huge advocate of reading to your children. So many people rely on TV or fancy toys to entertain their little ones. But books are so educational for children. So wonderful to see that you are doing this with your kids! Thanks for linking up for Mommy Moments!

  3. Our kids love books too!! It took a while for Jimmy to enjoy reading, but now he seems to enjoy it more. Delbert wants to learn to read, but for some reason despite the fact that we've been reading to him and with him all of his life he still doesn't have it down pat. :( Zeva loves books too!!

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  4. I am a huge believer in reading to your baby from the very beginning. Destructo loves to be read to. It is one of his very favorite activities. Check out this post for more books that your kiddos might like if you don't already have them. They are Destructo's favorites.

  5. Very cute! My son is the same way.

  6. I started reading to them at the same time and you have and barring a few times when I really haven't been able to, I have read to them every single day! I'm so happy that both my boys love reading now!

  7. Aww, we love reading too. :) I'll Love You Forever is one of our favorites but it's sooo hard for me to read it without crying!

  8. I am grateful that my kids love books too. I love to read books with my preteens. Like we all read The Hunger Games series together. Keep up the good work with your kids reading.
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  9. We love books here too. My bookshelf is packed to overflowing, and my daughter has so many books we don't know what to do with. But we both get so much joy from books we don't mind
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  10. i remember my children when they were young and books were slowly introduced. you could see the excitement in their eyes as they browsed each page. oh, those days... so sweet.

  11. My little girl loves books too. She makes up stories while she's looking at them. Your little ones are so cute!

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  12. So fun! My little guy loves his book too, and sometimes I'll catch him sitting in his room with a pile of books just looking at the pictures - it makes me happy. I'll make a bookworm out of him yet! :-)

  13. So glad you shared a couple of your kids' favorites. As a kid who grew up reading with her momma, I adore laptime reading with my baby & could really use a few book recommendations. Thanks for sharing your cuties with us again this week, Mary.

  14. My little girl loves books too! She's two now, but she loves them just as much as she did at a month old. We're lucky! Not every kid likes them. My teacher heart is happy. ;)

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  15. Lately my daughter's favourite book is one with a bunch of animals in it, so we will sit with her and say 'Where's the giraffe?' etc. and she will excitedly point them all out to us. I'm so excited to have a kid who loves to read and learn from books!

  16. My daughter LOVES books! She's such a big fan! I'm hoping she'll be a book worm like me!

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  17. We are book crazy too. Although, we are just getting to the point where we can finally read something other than board books!


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