September 20, 2012

Back to Normal

I will start off by saying, this past weekend was so amazing.  Two of my best friends in the whole world got married and Will and I were blessed to be in the wedding.  Sadly, I am a horrible blogger and forgot my camera.  Hopefully I can get some pictures of Will and I and hopefully some of the babies, because they were so stinkin cute!

That being said, I am so excited to get back to our normal routine.  I am ready to get the babies back on a schedule, go on some play dates, and even clean the house.  I have some fun new activities I am going to try with the babies.  One thing I am excited to get back to is Mother's Morning Out.  This is a program I enrolled the twins in and it allows me to drop them off so I can get a few things done.  Pretty much I drop them off one morning a week for a couple hours so I can go grocery shopping.  This has made me life and grocery shopping so much easier.  Sometimes I feel guilty leaving them, but then I remember trying to grocery shop with two 1 year olds and I feel better about it.  I am able to do it in half the time with out the epic hassle of grocery shopping with them.  Judge me if you want, but this is a must for me.  Not to mention Penny and Ben love getting to play with their new friends.  It has helped Ben to come out of his shell a little but I think too.  I think it is a win win for everyone.

 So here we are on our way to play with our friends so mommy can grocery shop.... and maybe a grab a pumpkin spice latte! :)


  1. What a great idea! You definitely deserve some time to grocery shop in peace (and go for the Latte! and have it for me since we don't get those here in Brazil). Happy shopping. I'm sure it's good for the kids too to get some more social interaction too. Don't feel bad!!!

  2. Um. No judgment here, that is brilliant! I would probably do the same thing once in a while if I didn't live with family that could watch her ;)

  3. Are you kidding?! Judge you for taking one morning a week off! Not going to happen! Did I mention how important it is for them to socialize with other babies? One morning you should say forget the store and just take a nap. :-)

  4. Sounds great! I need to check to see if there is something like that around here ;)

  5. It's so nice to get back to your routine after you've been away or things have just got off track.

    You're a hero for even THINKING of taking two one-year old's grocery shopping. I don't even attempt it with one two-year old. But I'm with AmanadaS - you should just drop 'em off and take some time for YOU :)


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