June 22, 2012

Is this the harder part you told me about?

So when you are the parent of twins babies, other twin parents look at you with empathy and say "It gets better."  Most time is this followed by, then it will get harder again.  It's the cycle of raising kids I guess.  As you as you get settled and know what you doing, they change the game!  Let's just say Penny and Ben threw us a game changer.

They are both so mobile!  And really both of them are now walking.  Penny has been walking for a about a week now.  Not walking all the time, but a few steps here and there.  Now she is starting to stand up by herself and walk half way across the living room.  And yesterday we were having a play date with a very good friend, and Ben, out of the blue, just walked half way across the living room.  So both of them are still mostly crawling, but walking is right around the corner.  This is exciting and a bit terrifying.  I am really excited to be able to get them out to the car easier and all of the things that come easier with walker.  Then there is the vision of them running in two different directions at the park, or running away in a parking lot, or even just at home with many more things they can get into in two different places at home.  I'm just not sure I'm ready for all of that.  Well, ready or not here they come!  They are up on two feet and ready to see what this world is all about.  Now if I can find the courage and energy to help them.

 So of course I have no pictures of them walking because once the camera is out they are done, so here's some pictures of them playing in the kitchen while I cook dinner.

Their favorite thing in the kitchen.  They love the noise it makes!


  1. They are so cute! Boy, do you have your hands full?! So exciting that they are so close to walking!

  2. It does get harder when they get mobile, I can only imagine how hard it would be with twins! But it also gets more FUN!!! In my humble opinion. :)

    They are so adorable, every time I come to your blog I end up hoping I have twins next lol!

  3. First of all, they are precious! Second of all, I think that parenting is like a dance. Sometimes you are waltzing along and other times you are all Jazz hands! LOL! It sounds like you are an amazing mom.


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