June 13, 2012

Baby proofing woes

When we first moved into this apartment (baby free) one of the first things would comment on was the great open lay out. "I know, I love it!" I would reply. Well then next person who says that to me will get a completely different answer!

We used to use a pack and play and a strategically placed chair to keep the babies in the living room. They learned how to escape. So we then used the pack and play and chair and a tub under the kitchen table to just keep them out of the kitchen. They learned to get through anyway. There is no good way to keep these babies in one area! And with so much space they can each get into trouble with quite a distance between them. I never thought baby proofing we be so involved. I thought I would put the things in the plugs and on the dangerous cabinets and hide the computer and be done with it. HA! And seriously why does the oven not have a lock to keep it shut if babies are in the kitchen while you are making dinner? Nothing happened and I don't let them near the stove of course, but it does make me nervous. I can't be the only person who thinks that should be necessary! So I'm up for any pointers and tips on baby proofing because I am at a loss. And after the marathon that was today, I need to figure something out!


  1. I got a play yard secondhand and opened into a giant baby gate, then blocked off the entrance to the living room lol. Unfortunately, she learned how to open the gate eventually, but it worked for a year and a half or so!

  2. I agree with the above comment, a play yard would be a great way to keep the kids away at least while you cook :-) Judah l loves the stove! It seriously drives me nuts, we have taught him that its "hot" and he has moved a little bit beyond the stage of trying to open the oven door while I bake. But since its the summer I don't bake as much and we have been on travel so much lately we haven't been home to test it out (to see if he is into opening it) again. But baby proofing is HARD. Judah likes to take the electrical baby proof things out of the sockets!!! I can't even get them out. I have no idea how he can. If you have any great ideas let me know :-) my boy is feisty!

  3. I have a sixteen month old and I know how hard it is with baby proofing for just one--you have twice the worry! My son is a climber so the play yard quickly became dangerous. He is super strong for his size! I have to be extra watchful with him because he is a little stunt man. New follower over from Crazy Mama blog hop.

  4. When we first moved into this apartment (baby free) one of the first ... ybabygates.blogspot.com


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