December 31, 2012

Our New Family New Years Eve Tradition

Follow my blog with Bloglovin  Gone are the days of getting all glammed up and hitting the town.  Gone are the days of having way too much to drink and wondering who you will kiss at midnight.  Gone are the days of parties and and staying out all night.  I know I should be sad about this.... but I'm not!

This New Year's Eve we are starting a new family tradition.  I know the babies are still too young to participate and stay up till midnight but it's fun to go ahead and start traditions anyway.

We are going to stay up and watch the ball drop, have a family game night and eat appetizers for dinner.  I know it sounds boring, but to me it sounds so perfect.

One the menu spinach balls, potato skins, buffalo chicken dip and meatballs.  We are gonna play a little scrabble and maybe some Farkle.  Before 7 O'clock maybe we'll put some puzzles together and build some blocks.  Ya know... whatever we can play with 18 month olds.

Anyway I hope you all have a safe and fun New Years!  Best Wish!



  1. Perfect! We do the same at our home. I can't think of anything better or more fun! Enjoy!! :)

  2. Stopping in to wish you a WONDERFUL and BLESSED New Year!


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