August 28, 2012

I fear we may have bad travellers on our hands...

So last weekend we took a family trip to go and stay with Will's family.  We had a great weekend and a great visit.  We got to visit with family we don't get to see all that often so that was nice.  The only bad thing was that Penny and Ben refused to sleep!  When we had traveled previously we would always leave at bed time so they would sleep, then we would just transfer them to where they would be sleeping.  That completely back fired this time.  We left home are 6:30 and got there are 9:30.  They slept most of the way. I thought we were on the right track.  We got there and tried to put them to bed, they woke up and screamed.  They were up til 1 and up again at 4 and up for the day at 7.  YIKES!  They took a 2 hour nap the next day, but were super crabby.  Then that night they refused to go down, so we finally drove around til they fell asleep and thankfully they made the transfer that time.  Next day... no nap, so again we drove around until people started arriving for the cookout my in laws were having.  Then Monday morning they slept in til 8:30... they were two sleepy babes.

So I am currently trying to figure out if it was the new place or the fact that they seemed to have a little stomach trouble, but I hope we can figure it out.  This weekend we are camping and in 2 weeks we have a big out of town wedding Will and I are both in.  Any of you out there with some travel tips?  We need some help to get there babes to sleep!

Besides that we had a great time!  They loved to play with grandma and grandpa and Aunt Emma and Uncle Noah.  It was nice to visit with the extended family.  Despite how sleepy they were they did a great time socializing with everyone.  They loved playing outside! 

Once again... I would love some travel tips!


  1. Ugh. I feel your pain...or tiredness, I should say. When we go places, the boys often take a day or two to adjust to a new sleeping location. Fine for a week long trip, but not so great when you are only traveling for a day or two! I'm interested to see how your camping trip goes as it's something we've thought of doing. Good luck!

  2. We've done our fair share of driving around aimlessly on vacation, trying to get our son to nap! The only advice I can offer is to try to keep the basics of your routine from home consistant while you're travelling - try to eat at the same time, wake up, go down for naps, etc. We have better luck with this when we're camping and normally we're so active all day, that a nap is welcomed (by all!). If all else fails, get in the car and take a short drive and cross your fingers that they drift off. Good luck!

  3. I feel your sleepiness as well. Destructo does not sleep well in new places. He only sleeps well at home and sometimes at my parents house since they have a nursery set up for him with all the stuff he is used to there. I am scared for our big week long vacation in October.

  4. My daughter is pretty used to traveling since we travel so much. What helped when she was a baby was putting her to bed with a shirt worn by me and a shirt worn by her dad so she smelled the familiar even if she was in a strange place. That and I brought her singing stuffed animal and a white noise machine so it sounded as familiar as possible too. Now what helps her more is following her routine to a T with the bath, brushing teeth, and bedtime stories exactly like we do at home. And asking people to be calm and quiet for bedtime instead of staying up late chatting and then trying to put her to bed late when she's overtired. Other than that, I guess it all comes down to luck!

  5. Bring their own bedding that smells like home! It helps with Evie!

    PS love the new look :)

  6. Good luck! It is so hard traveling with little ones. When they get to about three, they can watch movies in the car but before then, it's tricky! Hope all goes well.
    Found you from Mommy-Brain mixer and so glad I did! Am now following you as well!

  7. Zeva is NOT a good travel companion either at all!!! We have to take a long a lot of toys for her. She also has to have the music on loud as well!! So, I'm in the same boat your in. :(

  8. I highly recommend a white noise machine and/or lullabies. I like the Travel Sleep Sheep. (There's a full-size one too, but this is tinier and suitable for travel.)


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