July 11, 2012

Nothing feels quite as good as a schedule!

So this past week has been crazy! I feel like we haven't spent a solid week at home all summer. Then last week between the 4th of July and the babies birthday we were go go go! It is so nice to get back to normal (aka nap schedule).

 I am so lucky to have babies that fell into such a natural schedule. It did take some work on my part, but I think I would call it consistency more than work. It takes me not planning anything during lunch time and nap time. We go down for nap around 1 everyday for nap and between 630 and 7 for bed every night. I love it. I actually have time to get somethings done and just maybe spend some time with my husband.

 More importantly the babies thrive on the schedule! They want to be on a schedule! They are just babies and they are already figuring out what comes next in the routine. When you throw them a curve ball in that routine and you may not pay for it that moment, but you will pay for it in whines and screams. So this week we have just been taking it easy. We are back on schedule and hanging out around the house. I love it! I love my babies! I love my house! And let's face I love our schedule!

So here are just some pictures of us hanging out at home.


  1. I love the structure of a schedule, so I imagine when I get there with my son. I'll be on cloud 9! lol

  2. What beautiful babies! Cannot imagine having twins! I just started following you and can't wait to read up on your crazy adventures too!

  3. We always get off schedule on the weekend, and it's always nice to get back to it during the week!

  4. Totally agree! My twins function so much better when we are in our routine.


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