July 20, 2012

Do I actually have two little tornadoes?

So the babies are down, I can finally relax.  Wait a minute... no I can't!  The house looks like it had been hit by a tornado... make that 2 tornadoes!

It is amazing the mess 2 toddlers can wreak on an apartment.  The living room is covered in toys and the clean burp rags and diapers they insist on playing with.  The kitchen, well the kitchen makes me want to cry.  Not only do I still have dinner to clean up, but the floor is covered in little magnet letters and tupperware.  I let them play in the tupperware cabinet while I cook, which makes it so I can cook dinner, but double the mess (and also ruins my organized tupperware cabinet!)

So as much as I would like to relax, here I go, to clean the house... really here I go... ok maybe just one more episode of Real Housewives... Then I will clean up after my two little tornadoes!

What a Mess!  But they sure are cute!

Ok, maybe one more episode... then really I'm gonna get off the couch and clean up!


  1. Trying to clean the house while a toddler is awake is like trying to clean up the wreckage of a tornado while it's still going on LOL.

  2. I agree...there is no point to trying to clean up a mess while a toddler is up, you'll be doubling your work load!

  3. They look totally oblivious to the mess they have made .. who cares as long as they are having fun, clean up when they sleep lol otherwise I find myself tidying toys a billion times a day x

  4. Real Housewives always win over cleaning in my book!

  5. Yes this is me. During nap time I always wager... "Take a nap, Watch a show, or Clean" lately in my state of pregnancy it's been take a nap ha ;) There's always after bedtime to pick up right? Thanks for linking up!


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