December 10, 2014

Feeling the Christmas Spirit

We have been getting ready for Christmas around here.  The tree is up, lists are made, and peppermint mochas are in hand.  This week we also went to see the big guy.  I am really excited for Christmas this year.  Penny and Ben really understand Santa for the first time.  Last year the kind of got it, but not like they do this year.  So I am so excited to watch them this year.  This was our first Christmas outing.  We have some other fun ones planned.

We went to see Santa at the Bass Pro shop.  This was much more laid back than the mall and had a whole bunch of free Christmas games to play.  There was a carousel, a remote control car race track, a red ryder bb gun game, letters to santa, and of course the giant fish tank.  Penny and Ben had so much fun.

The major themes for this Christmas this year are going to be Batman and Baby dolls apparently.  Ben asked for a Batman robot and Penny asked for a baby high chair and bottle. Both of them did so good with Santa this year.  Judah on the other hand didn't do quite so well.  I'm the genius mother who decided to take him out after 2 month shots.

Regardless we got out Santa picture for the year and a couple other cute pictures.


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  1. So fun! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!


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