October 22, 2012

TAT My Toddlers and Their latest Dance Craze!

If there is one things both of my babies like to do, it is shake their cute little baby tushies!

They have been bopping to music since about six months.  They will dance to anything.  They will dance to their toys, cd, tv shows, even just mommy singing.  They just move to the beat.

They have a couple signature moves.  Penny likes to bounce, and I tell you she bounces to low any work out program would consider it a full squat.  She always twirls in circles swinging her arms.  She is also starting to just shake her little baby booty back and forth.

Ben just does your average male sway to the music.

Here we are having a dance party with our friends!

What are your little ones obsessed with?  Share with us at Toddler Along Tuesdays.


This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is baby/toddler obsessions! What thing(s) is your baby or toddler currently obsessed with? There are no rules here, except that you link up a relevant post (old or new) rather than your whole blog.


  1. What a cute little bunch of beboppers you've got there. Penny looks super excited. Babies dancing is one of those things that makes almost everyone smile. Hope your hop goes great, Mary!

  2. Reagan is a huge dancer!! Love it!


  3. So cute! They are really getting down!

  4. Shaking their groove things! Love it!

  5. There is nothing cuter than baby dancing!! Love it!

  6. Oh my, your children are adorable! Dancing kids are so entertaining, I just love the pure joy on their faces. I have a 1 yr old boy who loves dancing too. Found you via The NY Melrose Family!

  7. Awww...they are so precious!

    Oh and I have to say you are amazing! I don't know how you do it with twins! I'm trying to stay sane with just one! lol ;)

  8. Love it! My little boy went through a dancing phase, but it's rare I see it these days. You captured their excitement really well, super cute photos. :)


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