October 6, 2012

I Earned My Mama Puke Badge This Weekend.

Don't read if you have a weak stomach.... sick baby story

My poor Benjamin has not been a very happy camper this weekend.  Friday morning he woke up with a little puke and I didn't think too much of it.  It happens sometimes.  Then at lunch he puke.... and I mean he PUKED!  We were in visiting my mom because we were supposed to go to a birthday party, which of course didn't happen.  We got in the car and headed home, and hour and a half away.

I think I earned my mommy puke badge while changing Ben's clothes and trying to wipe out his carseat from a fresh round of puke in a gas station on the side of the road... in the rain  He puked once again 10 minutes away from home.  He also puked a couple times through out the night.  In fact we spent a good portion of the night together on the couch with blankets and garbage bags under us.  My poor little guy was really sick.  He just laid on me all day.  He finally perked up right before bed time.

Hopefully tomorrow he will be much better.  Also HOPEFULLY Penny doesn't get it.  I just hope my babies are happy and feeling better soon!

So yes I earned my mommy puke badge... in the rain... on the side on the road.  Poor Ben. :(

Feel better big guy!  Mommy doesn't like it when you don't feel good.



  1. Aww! Poor little guy! I hope that it passes soon and that no one else in your family gets it! Stomach bugs are no fun :(

    Congrats on your new badge ;-)

    ♥ Bethany


  2. Oh no! Hope your little one feels better. I think I earned the same badge when my daughter threw up in the middle of a restaurant last year...I was so shocked I didn't know what to do so I just stood there trying to catch it in my hands as the entire restaurant looked on. I was mortified! Sick kids are just the worst :( hope it passes soon!

  3. Aww he looks so sad and pitiful. I hope he is all better now and that Penny (and you) didn't get it.

    I awarded you the sisterhood of the world bloggers award. Swing by and "pick" it up sometime!


  4. Awww...poor baby boy! Hope he feels better soon!

  5. Ugggh! Earning your momma puke badge is never fun, but something we all go through! I hope he is feeling better and Penny avoided it!

  6. Aw. I sure hope he's back to 100% by now. Sorry about your new badge. I haven't had the "privilege" of experiencing this yet, but praying it doesn't come upon us any time soon.


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