November 11, 2014

The Big Question... How are Penny and Ben Handling the New Baby?

So I would say the number one question I get when people find out we had the baby is "How are Penny and Ben doing with the new baby?"  And to that my answer is "Great!"  They really are doing good being big brother and sister.  They love to hold Judah and help feed him.  They love to bring me diapers and through them away.  They are even really good when I am nursing Judah.  But that is not to say the transition has been seamless.

Penny has gotten really sneaky.  There has been piles of shampoo and handfuls of hand sanitizer.  But the big one was this.

In the bag is Penny's hair.  Will found her behind the curtain with piles of hair.  She said she was trying to cut her curls off.  She later told me Elsa doesn't have and curls so she didn't want any curls.  Oh Frozen... Luckily she just cut some off in the front and just a little in the back, so it actually looks like layers.  She may have a career as a stylist.

Ben has been pretty good, but he has been quick to melt down.  So we are just trying to be patient and explain things as they are happening.  There has also been some potty training regression here, but not too bad. I kind of expected that too.

Overall things have gone smoothly.  Judah is an easy baby so that helps.  I do wish I could give them a little more attention than I can, but newborns do take up a lot of time.  Over all we are settling in nicely to being a family of 5.


1 comment:

  1. Oh boy! Sneaky kids ;)
    I'm glad that, over all, things are ok! I hope it continues to be wonderful & excellent.
    Such a beautiful family you have!!


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