April 4, 2012

I never even knew

So as many of you know I didn't always plan on being a stay at home mom. When we found out it was twins we went over things and it just made more sense financially for me to stay home with them. The cost of two infants in daycare is outrageous! So this stay at home mom thing was kind of decided for me. But after living this now for almost nine months, I'll tell you, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Being home with Ben and Penny is way more fulfilling than I ever thought it would be. Who would have thought I would get as much joy from a belly laugh as a campaign win. I always wanted to work in politics and change the world, but now I am so content playing with babies and watching them learn new things every day. I never knew I would be this person I am turning into, but I absolutely love it. I know it is not for everyone. I didn't even think it was for me, but I am pleasantly surprised to find myself fitting into this role.

So here are some pics from our days spent at home playing and laughing.

1 comment:

  1. Oh this makes me so happy. I love this. You are changing the world, dear one :)


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