March 9, 2012

Update on the current predicament

So life has definitely been hectic this past week. After we saw more doctors we found out Will's ankle is is actually broken. Part of his tibia chipped off and he has bone shards in his joint. Most likely he will need surgery to get those taken out but they want to wait until he is healed and all the swelling is done and reassess that. He tried to go back to work because apparently grad school makes you crazy!! After just getting to his lab he thought maybe that wasn't such a good idea just yet. Luckily his professor is being understanding and giving his a writing assignment to work on till he is up to standing again. I always wanted to spend more time with him, but I didn't mean like this! The first day I was it was all four of us at home alone it was rough, but things are getting better today. Ya know I never realized all the things he did until I had to do it all myself. He's a wonderful husband and I am lucky.

On a lighter note spring seems to be on its way. This makes my happy. I took the babies out walk. Not very long though. The wind was intense. But they loved getting out of the house in there new stroller.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes and prayers. Will is healing and hopefully it will be a speedy recovery. My sanity is still intact but I can't promise that forever.

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