March 16, 2012

Kiss me, I actually am Irish!

My whole life I have loved St Patrick's Day.  I always chalked it up to my upbringing in a Catholic School and my love of a good time!  I knew I was German and English, but I always secretly wished I was Irish.  I could always see myself with red curly hair dancin a jig.

Well this year Will and I have been doing a little genealogy research.  It turns out I actually am Irish!  It just so happens that my great great grandfather came over from Ireland in the 1800's.  We have learned all kinds of cool stuff through doing this research. Will always new that his mother's side of the family has a lot of Irish.  Now we are going to have a special day to celebrate with our kids.  Aunt Emma was here to help us celebrate Penny and Ben first St Patrick's Day.  The babies certainly seemed to enjoy it!

Ben and Daddy doing a little research
The cookies Aunt Emma decorated
What is this?
That was a good cookie!
Yum! (I love that his pinky is up!)

Now we are all clean

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